We have found a house !

Good news! Today we secured a property for our refugee family. This feels like a miracle and a milestone. Finding a property in North West London has been the most difficult challenge we’ve faced so far. We have held leafletting drives and visited estate agents and generally spread the word and it has paid off.  We have been offered a three bedroom property in our neighbourhood. It’s more than we could have dreamed of. The landlord is an incredibly kind and generous man who lives locally. The house will need some repairs and redecoration but this is entirely feasible.

If all goes to plan, we expect to welcome a 4 to 5 person family by the end of August. They will come straight from one of the camps surrounding Syria chosen from a list compiled by the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. This will mean that one or more of the family members may be a victim of torture, have specific health needs, or be at risk of persecution.
We are incredibly proud of what we have all managed to achieve so far. We are hugely grateful for the efforts of all our team and our wider group of supporters.

There is still a lot for us to do as a community: getting the house ready, preparing the family support team, fundraising for the future, but in the meantime, we are just sharing our joy!

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